Sea Change: Infinite Tide



• 24″ x 48″ (about 27″ x 51″ with bronze tone frame)

• Oil on canvas

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This painting is the first in a series that I’m working on inspired by the phrase “Sea Change.” It’s a phrase I heard my mother say over a year ago.  Something about the words made me feel the energy it takes to do the very big things in our lives. Life changing decisions that set us in a new direction.

The paintings are all abstracts about the idea of energy moving through us. Lifting and shaping us like an ever-changing sea.

Just before the beginning of WWII my grandmother got on a ship from Ireland, with her toddler daughter (my mother) and came to America.

I only have one memory of her so I’ll never know what she felt that morning as she looked out over the ocean. I like to imagine she could see/sea change and because she did I’m here making art about something her daughter said so many years later.

This painting is about the will to reach out across an ocean, physical or metaphorical, to find a new life. That courage is a gift to all that will come after.

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