Sea Change: Ice Tide


Available May 2019

• 24″ x 48″

• Oil on canvas

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This painting is one in a series that I’m working on inspired by the phrase “Sea Change.” It’s a phrase I heard my mother say over a year ago.  Something about the words made me feel the energy it takes to do the very big things in our lives. Life changing decisions that set us in a new direction.

The paintings are all abstracts about the idea of energy moving through us. Lifting and shaping us like an ever-changing sea.

This painting, “Ice Tide” has white and iridescent paint that reflects the light in a way that makes me think of frozen shapes floating over the surface of waves. The sphere in the painting is a warm gold paint that makes me think of the sun. To me the painting is about a great thaw occurring that frees up the flow and lets life move on.

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