Cosmic Lace: Through Chaos


Available May 2019

• 36″ x 36″

• Oil on canvas

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I created the Cosmic Lace series over the last year. Each painting is a way to explore the unraveling and reweaving of threads of emotion into what I think of as veils of energy.

I imagine the lace-like quality in the work two ways. In one way it feels like the “lace” edge of the fabric of the universe. In another, it seems like the “lacing” together of intricacy and mist-like light.

If you have followed my work for a while you know that I work intuitively. I let each piece carry me along with its own flow. I like to think that flow leads to eyes that can see more than mine.

With that in mind, I encourage you to use my thoughts only as a lifting off place for your own ideas. Discover your own connections to the shapes, colors, and light. I’m always delighted to be enlightened by a new perspective.