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Last month I headed south to Virginia. We were attending a sweet wedding in the woods outside Richmond. I didn’t have nearly enough time to explore, but managed to squeeze in a quick walking tour of this artsy little city. I don’t travel often, but when I do I like to share what I see with you. Grab a cup of something hot and enjoy this photo tour of RVA!

Since the wedding wasn’t until the late afternoon I grabbed my camera and headed to the Arts District. Too bad it was too early for anything to be open. Still, it’s fun to window shop and catch the reflections.

I couldn’t get a real vibe on what the art scene is like but I enjoyed getting some snaps of sculptures. Everything from bronzes and “toothpick” presidents to paper flowers. With 15 galleries in the area, I imagine it would be exciting to be here for a First Friday Art Walk. It seems more buildings are being rehabbed into cool art spaces and lofts. The arts are definitely growing in RVA. 

What stood out for me was all the murals.

Something colorful was around every corner, brightening the gritty city walls. Bees on bicycles made me smile, while doves of peace made me think that there is hope even in hard places. I don’t know about you, but seeing murals always lessens the edginess I feel when walking around a city.

It’s one of the reasons I love public art, and there are so many more murals in Richmond that I missed. You can check them out here richmondmuralproject.

It’s always nice to take a few moments to admire the architecture while wandering around. To me, arched doors and ornate windows are portals to intriguing places. 🙂

We stayed in a bit of a hipster hotel near RVA’s Arts District, but if I went back I would look into a stay in Carytown. It was lively and filled with vintage boutiques and trendy little shops. Plus, it looks like there are some cute and very affordable Airbnbs nearby.

You could while away an afternoon sifting through piles of antiques or reminiscing in a retro candy shop. Or sip specialty coffee tucked away in the back of a high-end handmade pottery and jewelry shop.

One more thing…should you ever find yourself in need of a bakery while in Richmond.

Sub Rosa in the historic Church Hill area is worth a visit. It’s a little wood-fired organic place where I snacked on a delicate fig croissant and drank what I think was Turkish sparkling water. It’s the kind of place you could sit and conjure up a romance novel.

Right next store is a dreamy gift shop called Dear Neighbor. The shop keeper was adorable and full of tidbits about local art events. In true southern style, she wished us well while inviting us back to visit!

“The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see.”

– GK Chesterton

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