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By November 20, 2018 Art
Signs of the Sea: Sea Signature by Siobhan Bedford


I surprise even myself at how long it can take me to finish paintings.

It has been over a year since I started work on these paintings. I’ve been calling the group of 9, The Signs Of The Sea. If you have been following along for a while you might remember I wrote about being inspired by seaweed on the beach in California >> Here

The paintings that emerged are not simple representations of the seaweed that inspired them.

They are abstract connections to a tangible ocean and unconscious waters. I’m intrigued by the idea of oceans as places that have mystery below the surface. I often think of oceans as a metaphor for the inner self. The seaweed on the shore hints at a lush life beneath the waves and the paintings themselves hint at the mystery of our subconscious. 

It has been a slow process to bring these paintings to completion.

I think they are finally 99% finished.

The glazes and last details are with thicker paint so they will need some extra drying time before they are ready to leave the studio. My father always said “patience is a virtue” I hope you think they are worth the wait 😉

The Green one will be called Sea Signature and the Pink one will be called Water Daughter.

“The sea is emotion incarnate.

It loves, hates, and weeps.

It defies all attempts to capture it with words and rejects all shackles.

No matter what you say about it, there is always that which you can’t.”

–Christopher Paolini

Signs of the Sea: Sea Signature

I’ll leave you with this ocean photo…

It isn’t from my California trip, I actually took it last February at the Jersey shore. I thought seeing the tiny water droplets of ocean spray might give you a clue to why I’m obsessed with tiny dots in the Signs of the Sea paintings.

And…that you might appreciate a moment to imagine breathing in a sea breeze before the holidays get crazy 🙂

As always, thank you so very much for following along with my art. It’s hard to put into words how grateful I am to all of you for being art lovers and supporting my work in big and small ways.

You make my life beautiful!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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