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By October 27, 2018 December 13th, 2019 Art
Siobhan Bedford, Artist

I’ve been working on this piece since May.

I really should say “tangling” rather than “working” because it has so much energy. At times, I’ve felt caught up in its vortex unable to get a handle on all that is unraveling. 

It feels very alive to wrestle a bit with a piece. And, it’s slowly coming together.

The other day, I posted a detail of it on Instagram and an artist friend declared it “crystals and lace” I love that poetic imagery!

I often imagine the “thin places” where life begins and ends or that mysterious dream place where our stories reweave themselves anew…as a kind of translucent fabric.

Very much like a lace veil. 

You can barely see through it. You might look and only catch a glimpse of detail.

It gives you a sense of almost understanding. Really all you know is that there is so much that you don’t know. If you are lucky you at least find a sweet anticipation of more to come or let the longing pull you forward.

Perhaps, this veil is embroidered with cosmic thread and trimmed in crystal lace. Beauty obscured might be the true beauty. Don’t you think that would be extraordinary?


Thinking about all this…

Reminds me of these favorite lines from Mary Oliver’s epic poem “The Leaf and The Cloud”


I will sing for the veil that never lifts.

I will sing for the veil that begins, once in a lifetime,

maybe, to lift.

I will sing for the rent in the veil.

I will sing for what is in front of the veil, the floating light.

I will sing for what is behind the veil –

light, light, and more light.

This is the world, and this is the work of the world.

I’ve been working a lot lately.

This painting is just one in a series I’m calling “The Cascades”

Although, after writing this post I’m wondering if the name “Cosmic Lace” has a bit more je ne sais quoi. I don’t really know what that means, I just like the way it sounds…What do you think?

(I actually just looked it up because I had no idea how to spell it and it literally means “I don’t know what” I feel like on any given day I could say that about everything in my studio…and, I would be ok with that:)

Enjoy your day and thank you for keeping me company on this art journey!  

PS  Update…I finally finished this painting and named it “Through Chaos”

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