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By June 21, 2018 Art
Siobhan Bedford Artist

Happy First Day of Summer!

I can’t believe it’s been a month since the Open Studio. 

First thing I did when the tour ended was to order a dozen new pieces of canvas. 

That’s kind of a lie. I truly love having everyone visit. But, after two days of hanging out with art lovers, my introverted side got totally wiped out. So, the first thing I really did was take a nap. A long nap.

It’s exhilarating to sell art. It’s also emotional. 

I always feel a tug below my ribs when a painting is ready to go out the door. I pour myself into the work and then need to release it. It’s the only way for it to be sustained. 

It’s a joy for me when a piece finds a home with a collector. Also, I won’t lie, it feels really good to fatten up the always dwindling bank account. So…it seems a bit bananas that I often feel like crying after selling paintings. But…I do. 

An art supply shopping spree soothes my artist soul. It’s also the best motivation to refocus on studio work. My summer plan, between naps of course, is to cocoon away in my studio letting whatever comes next emerge.

Oil Paints

The hot, rainy weather has made it easy to put in studio time. Without getting too distracted by the peonies and poppies blooming in the backyard. I get slightly garden obsessed this time of year.

Here are some snaps of one of the Sea Change paintings I’ve been working on. That phrase “sea change” was something I heard my mother use recently. It stuck in my head and made me think about change. Change is notoriously difficult. Sometimes, it’s so slow you can barely see change happening. Other times, change is sudden and powerful like a mighty ocean wave crashing over your life leaving nothing the same. 

At the moment this quote from Clarissa Pinkola Estes seems relevant to me with regards to change and inspiration for summer living. “Pull your energy from over there to over here. Insist on a balance between pedestrian responsibility and personal rapture. Protect the soul. Insist on quality of life.”  I’m still working it out in my mind and the paint. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Siobhan Bedford, Artist
Siobhan Bedford, Artist

I’ve also been finishing the 9 Signs of the Sea paintings. I’ve been doing a lot of staring at them hoping to come up with individual titles. It’s very slow going. My hope is I’ll be able to share some by the end of the summer.

Many of you commented on these paintings during the tour. I promise to send out a special email when they are ready for sale. Till then…here is a little detail snap.

Siobhan Bedford, Artist

Next month…I’ll show you the very beginnings of what is happening on some of these new canvases

Enjoy the long days of summer and I hope you get a few lazy naps yourself!

Siobhan Bedford, Artist
Shirley Poppy

PS…A little poppy distraction. Most of the seeds I planted didn’t make it but, the Shirley poppies that did are just….WOW!


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