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By May 9, 2018 Art

Aquatic Group

When I look back at my work it seems like a long slow journey to the finished piece.

A little more than a year ago I started these paintings. You might remember, I shared a work in progress post back in October. They are finally finished now.

To me, they all feel related in some way to water, both physical oceans and unconscious seas. As a group, I’m calling them “Aquatic”, but they all have their own titles just click the image to see.

 “Secrets in The Waves” found a forever home and sold last week! I’ll have the 3 others available for the  Open Studio May 19-20.

It starts at 10am  Saturday & 11am on Sunday.

Hope you can come!


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  • Eileen Goodyear says:

    Hello Siobhan,
    I’m guessing with all the recent rain, you have been in your studio often. I’m curious if you finished your collection that you were working on during the studio tour?
    Enjoy yet another rainy day !
    Eileen Goodyear

    • Siobhan says:

      Hello Eileen! I know the rain just keeps coming…even flooding into my basement…such fun!
      Lots of studio time planned for the summer hopefully finishing Signs of the Sea collection!

  • Eileen Goodyear says:

    Just connecting to notifications

  • I was able to come for the Open Studio. Nevertheless, the paintings look beautiful. Wish I could have seen them in real.

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