Work In Progress and A Mermaid

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Have you ever walked through your front door at the end of the day and realized, somewhere on the way home you’d lost your mind?

You turned the wheel, tapped the pedal and glanced in mirrors. At some point, you drove straight into a daydream. You followed familiar roads on auto pilot. While your imagination took it’s own twist and turns. Upon arrival you couldn’t remember how you got there.

Sometimes painting is a little like that.

I’ll work for hours and then find I don’t remember making the brush strokes. I don’t even remember the daydream. This is a little bit embarrassing. My paintings have such an mirco/macro other worldly feel I wish I could say I’ve been there. But, I can’t.

I take notes if words pop into my mind while working. I snap work in progress shots to document the changes a painting goes through.

And, I stare.

I stare a lot. I’m looking for something. I like to imagine the paintings themselves as if they were maps. I’m hoping to find bread crumbs to get me lost. It’s confusing. I know.

Abstract Artist Working

I’ve been working on 4 of these smaller square paintings for the last 6 months. They started out with big brush strokes and blues. As I worked, they became very intricate with details. Lots of layers of vibrant turquoise with magenta glazes. Now, there is a more intense blue with an warm glow.

It makes me think of sand stirred up in a deep sea or the unconscious. Everything once forgotten swirling again.

I’ve been playing around with making a video. I’ve made an attempt below to show you the changes that happened in this painting.

After, it’s dry and finished I’m going to title it “Mermaid Haven.”

Because, mermaids may be myths, but we all secretly wish they weren’t. And, because if you stare at the painting for a while you might imagine one…and that is worth losing your mind for.

Let me know what you think of the painting & if you believe in mermaids in the comments below 😉


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