Art of Time continued…

Abstract Art by Siobhan Bedford

Remember a few weeks ago…

I was rambling about my thoughts on Time while working on this painting. I thought I would give you a quick peek at what it’s looking like at the moment.

I’ve been working on it intensely these last few weeks of winter. It’s a slow process of making it more complex and layered. There are some shapes in the lower right corner that are reminding me of the molecule models from science class…kind of strange and cool. It feels a little explosive to me too!

I’m going to let it dry. Then stare at it for awhile… because staring is the only way to see where it’s going next.

I put together a few work in progress snaps for you to check out below so you can see how a painting changes over time;)

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Abstract Art by Siobhan Bedford
Oil painting work in progress
Abstract Art by Siobhan Bedford
Abstract Art by Siobhan Bedford

“It all begins with just one molecule…A single one…Smaller than the dust or mist in the blazing sun…Just move one and you have begun.” – Jeff Rushton


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