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By December 16, 2016 Art, BEYOND THE STUDIO DOOR
Large Abstract, Oil Painting by Siobhan Bedford

Beyond The Studio Door | Being Received

Thoughts from Oriah Mountain Dreamer…on art being received

“Because creative work does need to be received. It’s part of the process of creation to be seen. That process by which you as the writer or artist or composer draw upon the raw materials around you and make something more, that act of creation by which you dip into the sea of potentiality and collapse infinite possibilities into a singularity, is repeated in a similar and yet different way each time another person receives the piece you created.”

“This vulnerability may make us hesitant to put our work into the world. And, given the competition for and odds against publication or distribution, all we have to do is sit back and wait to be “discovered” if we want to ensure that our work stays within the safety of the private realm. But it’s not about putting my work out into the world. It’s about finding a way for the work to be received. It’s about acknowledging that the work itself needs to be received if it is to be complete and that we need to have it received if we are to move on in our own creative endeavors.”

“To be faithful to the process, we have to allow the work to be received, and we have to know ourselves well enough to discover ways of doing this without being pulled off center and away from the work by promises of approval or material success. We must be faithful – full of faith that the process of creating will be enough to feed us and the world.”

This post is part of a series I’m calling Beyond The Studio Door.

I often come across inspiring words or visit places I would like to tell you about. In these posts I do just that. They are quotes relating to art or links to things I think are illuminating.

I hope you do to!


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