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By September 24, 2016 Art, Being an artist, Work in Progress
Siobhan Bedford Artist Studio

You may or may not know this…

But I’m a Jersey girl.

Yep. I had some big perms back in the day.

I also grew up with an awareness of the “swallow you up space” that is found when your toes press into wet sand and your eyes squint across a sky that is reaching down to the edge of the world.

There is nothing like the shore.

It’s so big you can lose yourself in it, then walk away feeling like you know where you are going.

Siobhan Bedford Artist Studio
Siobhan Bedford Artist Studio
Siobhan Bedford Artist Studio
Siobhan Bedford Artist Studio

I’ve lived in Pennsylvania now for more than half my life.

As far as I can tell, the only flaw in its natural beauty is you can’t find the edge of the world.

That doesn’t stop me from looking.

I go walking in meadows and imagine an earth ocean, with tides of wildflowers going in and out with the seasons. Crows dip down into waves of golden grass like gulls in search of a snack.

I stand in my worn out sneakers, squinting past the trees that are slowly losing their green trying to see the edge of the world…and wonder where am I going?

Anyways, that is what I was thinking this week as I started work on this new painting with the final rays of summer streaming in my studio window.

And that maybe I should get a perm.

Just kidding;)

Siobhan Bedford Artist Studio

I’m going to call it Meadow Ocean.

That is…after I finish it.

It’s still an early work in progress, but you might enjoy these paintings that are available to purchase. Click on the image to see more detail.


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