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Recent Painting Sales

This week…

I thought I would share with you some of my recent sales.

Partly, because as you can imagine selling a painting is a rare and magical thing.

But mostly because when that rare and magical thing happens to me and more than once…I like to crow about it! I’m also strangely fascinated by crows, but that is a post for another day.

I’ve been underlining and circling phrases in The Radiance Sutras for years and chose all the names for these paintings from that poetic interpretation of the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra meditations.

According to the books prelude that loosely translates to “the terror and joy of realizing oneness with the soul.”

That actually could be a description of what it feels like when someone choses one of my paintings to be part of their world.

For me making art is all about staying connected to my soul. To have that connection go out from my fingers and hang in the home of a collector is a humbling honor. I’m so very grateful!

You might like these paintings below that are available.

Also, this week…

I started a new post series I’m calling Beyond The Studio Door.

I often come across inspiring words or visit places I would like to tell you about. In these posts I’ll do just that. They will be short quotes relating to art or links to things I think are illuminating. I hope you do to.

Oh yes before I forget…

I’ve been totally loving all your suggestions for titles from last week. There are so many good ones I’m not sure yet which I’ll chose. If you have an idea don’t forget to add it to the comments.


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