What should I name this painting?

By September 9, 2016 Art
Abstract Painting in Studio, by Siobhan Bedford

This week, I sat on the floor of my studio staring at this painting thinking about change.

Big yellow buses rolled outside my studio window again and breezes whispered through, carrying the scent of flowers that are folding themselves up for the season.

All morning I’d felt that little lift of energy that comes when the wheel turns and summer spins into fall.

At first, I’d spent that energy working with a tiny brush, sharpening the smallest details. Before long I was blending shapes into a haze with big brushstrokes.

Shapes that I had made so many months before that weren’t blunders to hide.

In fact, they were quite beautiful and so letting them fade into the canvas felt like a kind of sadness. Like the kind of sadness you feel when summer is almost over and change is on its way.

One of the hardest things to do as an artist, is deciding what needs to stay and what needs to go in a painting. So that when it’s finished, it feels like it had to be… exactly as it is. I suppose you could say that about life too.

A few more long stares and subtle veils of color and I’ll finish this painting.

Of course, then I’ll be staring at it again! This time trying to think of a title.

If you want…you can help me with that.

Please tell me what you would name this painting in the comments below.

Here are some detail snap shots to inspire your titles. Have fun:)

Abstract circle painting by Siobhan Bedford

The sun tires of summer and sighs itself into autumn.

~Terri Guillemets

Abstract circle painting detail by Siobhan Bedford
Abstract circle painting detail by Siobhan Bedford

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