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By June 11, 2016 Art

Back To Work…

I can’t believe the studio tour was weeks ago. I enjoyed meeting many of you and I’m so grateful for all the art lovers who became art collectors. It felt a little like Christmas every time a piece sold!

It was all beyond my expectations. It was an exciting and exhausting weekend, so I took a little blogging break and a few naps;)

Now, I’m getting back in the studio.

Sweet Peas In The Studio
R&F Paint

Art sales always inspire more art.

That means new art supplies! At the moment, my living room is cluttered with boxes of new canvas waiting to find space in my tiny studio. They will be a group of  square paintings that keep me busy for the summer.

I’ve already dove into the new paints, my favorite being this R&F oil paint stick. It’s a reflective paint, that blends like butter because it has just a touch of wax added.

I’ve had this painting, Sorcery, hanging in my dinning room for years.

I thought it might be done and was considering keeping it for my “Forever Collection”, those are paintings that I won’t sell because they mark a turning point in my style or I just love the way it looks in my house. This one had a little bit of both.

Sorcery oil painting

One day I looked up and felt like something was missing.

I wasn’t sure what. Was it even the painting? Maybe it was just me. I took it into my studio to have a staring contest. Sometimes that seems to be the best way for me to figure out what is going on both in a painting and in myself.

I looked.

It looked back.


It’s a dark, moody painting. You can’t see the layers of color and hints of celtic designs unless you looked at just right. I liked that about it, a touch of black magic… probably why I titled it Sorcery years ago.

What it was missing was a bit of the brassy, gold paint. It let in light without brightening it too much. It needs to be in the dark. You know how sometimes something is weighing on your mind and you feel like you are in the dark.  It’s scary and heavy but you keep looking because you want to see.

Maybe, sometimes what you need to understand is there only in the dark.

Sorcery, oil painting

The shapes are now making me think of points on sharp thorns. I’m reflecting on how strange it is that beautiful things are often surrounded by painful things.

I’m not sure where this painting is going next, but I’m expecting another staring contest.

Hope you like it. Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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  • Mom Bedford says:

    It certainly is a joy that your studio tour was a success! I have missed your Sunday newsletter/blog, so thank you for the one you posted today.
    Your words are so poignant and seem to apply to me as well as I make my way through the days of my life. Hope we get a chance to talk when
    we visit. Love you. Mom B.

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