Blood, Fire, and Sea creatures… uh, what?

By April 23, 2016 Art
Siobhan Bedford, Artist working in her studio

I’d been staring at this painting for awhile.

I felt like it had two sides that I couldn’t connect. A crimson snake like shape, that made me think of blood and the way fire seems to flow like a river in the air. Then on the other, this looming amethyst structure that for some reason feels like the dancing bones of a forgotten sea creature. (I’m not exactly sure why I would think that… especially considering I have no idea how a forgotten sea creature would dance.. painting just makes me weird)

It was the place right in the center of the canvas that had me stuck just staring.

Ethereal, Abstract Art by Siobhan Bedford
Siobhan Bedford working in her studio

It’s all about finding center.

I always think, if you are in the center you can understand what is going on. If you can’t find your center you can’t figure out where to go next…kind of like life. But, in life the center always seems to be changing, usually at the most inconvenient times. Maybe, that is why I like to paint so much, it give me the very enjoyable illusion, that things can be figured out.

I had the impulse to pour paint right on the center.

Pouring paint is incredibly fun, even if it has the potential to destroy really interesting parts of a painting.  It was like refreshing water running over my mind. It woke me up, I stopped staring and started seeing all theses shapes. I then, obsessively painted them with interlacing circles till my fingers felt like I couldn’t hold the brush any longer.

For a moment it felt like all those circles formed a net, holding it all together. Then I went back to staring and seeing dancing sea creatures…I did say painting makes does make me weird;)

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