Serene Abstract Painting

By March 26, 2016 Poetry & Prose, Quotes
Serene abstract oil painting, "Immensity" by Siobhan Bedford

“Go to a wide-open space,

Gaze without looking anywhere.

The mind stops its building of thoughts,

And rests on its own foundation-


The light that you see by

Is the light that comes from inside.”

– The Radiance Sutras

I love this reading from The Radiance Sutras. Whenever I feel like life is cornering me in with its complicated hurdles, I long for open space to settle my mind.  I often find that space in blending color over color, to create an almost out of focus atmosphere that oddly lets me see things clearer.

I hope this painting makes you feel calm in spite of whatever craziness life decides to fill your days with.

This painting is “Immensity” and it’s from a series I started awhile ago when I was finding my way back to making art.  I’ve been calling the series the “Breathing Room” I’ll have them ready for purchase at my Open Studio in May.

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