Figuring Out A Painting By Going In Circles

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Abstract, oil painting with blue circles and glowing light

Circles In The Light

Some paintings take me a long time to figure out.

This is one of the those paintings, I’m just not sure where it’s leading me.

Every time, I look at it I feel like there are shapes that want to be hidden and others that want to come into focus. At one point I was covering most of the piece in a foggy white glaze.

A week ago, I got inspired to add circles, lots of circles in all different sizes. Fitting them together into what at the time felt like a net.

Red glaze on oil painting
Abstract, oil painting with blue circles and glowing light

Then… I felt pulled to add a corral red glaze followed by a bright blue. After, it dried I went back in with soft white refining shapes and bringing out the light. It feels to me that these tiny shifts in color give the piece a feeling of depth.

Red glaze on oil painting
Blue oil paint
White paint on canvas

After staring at it for awhile, the circles looked less like a net and more like bubbles in a mysterious underwater world.

That made me see it all different. I imagined the blue green shapes as swirling seaweed and the light as a glow from a hidden underwater energy source.

It feels like there is so much going on in this piece and and it still needs to be simplified without losing all the details.

I’m curious to see what happens next…hopefully I’m not just going around in circles:)

Let me know what you think…

“The work itself has a complete circle of meaning and counterpoint. And without your involvement as a viewer, there is no story.” – Anish Kapoor

Blue green abstract, oil painting
Glowing abstract oil painting
Blue green abstract, oil painting

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