Goddess Eye Painting

By February 11, 2016 Art, Poetry & Prose, Work in Progress
Abstract ethereal oil painting with blue and light green colors by artist Siobhan Bedford

Sometimes… words just start floating through my mind while I’m working on a painting. My hope is that they might give you a starting point to explore my abstracts without limiting your own thoughts. I enjoy working abstractly because it tends to keep a kind of “openness to ideas” so you relate to a painting from your own experience. For some reason, every time I work on this painting the idea of a “goddess eye” comes to mind.

Eye of the Goddess

I’m every sleeping seed

I’m in here pressing my roots

Right up to the edges

My frilled layers folding upon each other

I’m waiting for the touch of heat

to end this darkness dance

to open the eye of the goddess

to envision god

Abstract Ethereal Oil Painting detail of a goddess eye

I’m really amazed by the “creative blueprint” that is mysteriously held inside seeds.

If you have ever grown a plant from seed you know what I’m talking about. You hold a tiny, dry pebble on your finger tips and then press it into dark soil. Months later, you stand on a hot humid summer day clasping your clippers wondering how such a tiny thing is now so wildly over grown.

I’m in the awe every time, seeing life spring out of darkness. I imagine my experience of that energy finds its way onto my canvas in colors and thousands of tiny brush strokes.

Detail of Abstract painting with fluid shapes in green and blue by Siobhan Bedford
Detail of abstract painting with fluid shapes
Detail of abstract painting with fluid shapes in blue and black by Siobhan Bedford

This piece is changing already I’ll post again soon

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