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Ethereal Abstract Painting by Siobhan Bedford

This week I got caught up with the Birth of Light painting.

It had been drying in my studio. I’d been staring at it again, looking for something I’m never sure of. Then all of the sudden, I got drawn in by the white light. I just had to make it even brighter. As I worked, it became a back and forth…fading details under layers and finding intricate spaces to sharpen. I highlighted the wave that breaks apart the colors, feeling like I was releasing a genie from a bottle.

I scribbled the words “pulling asunder” in my notebook. I thought, how it rhymed with thunder and that the painting makes me think of the sound.

I love when I get lost in working on a piece, especially when it feels like the push/pull some how opens the painting up into an atmosphere that feels more expansive than the canvas edge.

I took some before (on the left) and after (on the right) snaps so you can see the subtle changes that happen with a work in progress.

Abstract Oil Painting By Siobhan Bedford
Abstract Oil Painting By Siobhan Bedford
Abstract Oil Painting By Siobhan Bedford
Abstract Oil Painting By Siobhan Bedford
Artist, Siobhan Bedford's Studio

Making art is such physical experience, as well as engaging my unconscious mind. It is often hard for me to put it all into words, that even make sense.

I’ve written before about how I make a painting. I like having this blog because it makes me stop and take photos that are documenting my process. I want to find more ways to help you get a glimpse of it.

I would be really interested to know what you wonder about when you look at my work. Please let me know and I’ll post about it.


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  • Mom Bedford says:

    I’m Curious. How is the eyeball-type figure relating to your concept and execution of the “Birth of Light”? What does it

    I love how the white light is emerging from the bowels of ? and bringing light and therefore color to it’s surroundings.

    Love what you have done so far!!!!

    Mom B.

    • Siobhan says:

      Mom B…thanks for the comment:)
      When I work it’s so intuitive…especially in the beginning of a painting when I’m following an impulse/energy while I chose colors and make shapes.
      So, it isn’t so much as having a concept and then executing it, as much as it is trying to remain as open as possible so that whatever is stirring in my subconscious can make it’s way to the surface.
      I painted what you call the “eyeball” towards the beginning of the painting, while the bright white came later. I arrived at the idea of the Birth of Light as the painting developed over time. I think… I began to feel what you saw as an eyeball was something heavy and compressed, perhaps seed like or some sort of swirling dark energy that was being pulled apart… to let light flow out. I imagine it could be a curious eye looking out and having light flow in for the very first time.

  • Erin Murphy says:

    Oh my, I LOVE this. Fantastic!

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