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By January 14, 2016 Work in Progress
Abstract Infinity Painting By Siobhan Bedford
Infinite Light Explorer with pearl -Siobhan Bedford

Title For A Painting

Thank you for so many interesting suggestions and thoughts from last week’s post.

One name suggestion was “Pearl”, I love that idea. Especially, since I used iridescent oil paint in the glaze. It really gives the painting a pearl like shimmer.

Someone thought of music, naming it “Musical Majesty” and I got several suggestions alluding to the universe… cosmos, supernovas and galaxies.

Another enchanting comment suggested “Your breath is as delicate as vapors of methane flowing towards an attractive flame” that sounds like the beginnings of a poem to me.

I think one of the most captivating thoughts came in an email where someone told me that it reminds her “of the magnificence of a woman’s body, the energy and nurturing a breast was created to have.”

I can see elements of all your thoughts in my painting.

While working on this painting, I have definitely been contemplating the energy of creation. How it seems to be constantly swirling, making and remaking everything.

Empowering seeds buried deep in the soil, as well as the stars beyond our reach. We are living our tiny lives someplace in-between trying to discover how this infinite light could move through us in a way that makes our moment in the spotlight shine.

R & F Pearl Paint
Blue Paint

After I finish a painting, I imagine it finds its final completion over and over every time new eyes look at it. I’m intrigued by all of the thoughts your eyes have seen. I like to take my time in giving a piece a title. I want a name that makes sense for what I felt while working. I also, want something that will leave room for interpretation from the you.

I’ll let this piece dry for a while before deciding if it’s finished for sure.

At the moment, the name that has been floating in my mind is “The Infinite Light of the Womb of Creation”

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