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Earth tone colored abstract oil painting

I just sold this painting.

It got me thinking…it isn’t easy to make or sell art.

It’s an endeavor that takes two sides of a coin. One is the risk. The other is the search.

The risk is to make the art. To make lots of art. To make art that leads to better art. Then to make more art that could, if the fates are friendly, lead to great art. To do it all, knowing that every painting might not find a home in my lifetime.

The other side is the search. The search to find ways to put my art into the world in hopes of finding a buyer. A search for a collector with vision and the cash to make it happen. A search for someone who “gets” what my art is about and sees its value in their life.

It’s a bit like keeping a diary and then trying to sell it.

You have to open yourself up. Then you have to let your guts spill out onto page after page or canvas after canvas. You have to be that vulnerable to do the work. You can see why diaries get hidden and have locks.

Except, as an artist I can’t hide away. Although…. there are definitely times it feels safer that way. I have to find people who might want to see my art diary, then hope they have the key. That they can read the meaning in the layers of color, see the swirling shapes and understand the beauty of light.

When someone buys a painting the coins in my pocket keep both my bank account and soul happy. It makes it possible for me to continue working and that is what I want most of all.

For me a piece never feels complete until it’s sold. When it finds the collector who can see it as part of their life, that exchange becomes part of my life. A brush stroke that leads from my studio out into their world. That is what makes art such an amazing gift, for both the collector and the artist.

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