Do You Know What This Is?

By November 20, 2015 Art, Poetry & Prose, Work in Progress
Detail of Painting Wave a Butterfly

Is it a wave? Yes, probably. Well, Maybe.

Is it better to ride or dive? I’m not sure.

Is it the lost butterfly wing? Yes, it could be. But, then again.

Is it better to flutter or fly? I’m trying to figure that out.

Occasionally, while I’m painting, words will float through my head.I’ve started trying to catch them, with a pencil in my notebook. I’m hoping they might give you a hint at what you could see when you look at this painting.

Art making has always been my way of seeing emotions. The ones that I don’t understand, that seem to run like an underground river through my life. If I didn’t paint, they might remain hidden.

I’m sure this work has something to do with contemplating the idea that life is a series of rolling waves.Some, pull my feet out from under me into the swell. While, others pass by undetected only to crash in some distant future. Also, the feeling of longing to transform parts of myself into something else along the way. For some reason, this always makes me think of butterflies. Sometimes, a beautiful idea gets lost as the waves go by and I’m left with a sense confusion. Wondering, if I should dive deeper looking for it or if it’s better to just let it fly away. It all gets mixed up, in the process of holding on and letting go. Never being sure I’m riding the right wave or just fluttering around not getting anywhere.

Ethereal Oil Painting by Siobhan Bedford
Wave of a Broken Butterfly Detail 2
Wave of a Broken Butterfly Detail 1

Maybe, these words are completely meaningless to you. That’s cool. I don’t think paintings necessarily need words to start a conversation.

You might see something completely different but that makes you aware of what you are feeling.

Let me know if you do. I’d love to hear about what you see and feel when see my work. I think we are all just trying to figure things out. Looking at art is a way to do that.

I’m still working on this piece so scroll down to see what the whole piece looks like right now. I’ve been working on it since the beginning of the summer. Do you want to read about it? click here

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Ethereal Oil Painting by Siobhan Bedford

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