Ethereal Swirls in the Beginning

By October 27, 2015 November 5th, 2015 Work in Progress
Beginning Ethereal Swirl Painting

I came across this early snap shot of the swirl painting. I’m sharing it so you can really see how much the painting has changed. You might have seen some of the updates here  and  here.

Below, on the left is what the painting looked like when I was about midway though. It was dark with this intense mood. I’ve spent hours adding layers of swirls and pushing color into the intricate spaces between the lines. It feels a little like putting together a puzzle floating in an ethereal space. On the right, is what the painting looks like today.

It still isn’t finished.

I’ll let it dry for a while then see where it takes me.

I’ve always known my work evolved and changed but I’ve never had a record of the changes till now. I am hoping keeping this blog is helping me see my work more clearly. I’m curious to see how documenting a piece like this might change my work in the future.


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Ethereal Swirl painting in progress

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