Crow’s Caw

By October 17, 2015 January 28th, 2016 Art, Work in Progress
Crow Song - oil on canvas - by Siobhan Bedford

“Anyway, my thoughts are all feathery.
I prefer simple beak talk. Maybe it’s having wings.
It does make a difference.” – Mary Oliver

I think of Autumn as the season of crows.

From my studio window, you can see the leaves are just beginning to turn. The sun is shining bright but the breezes are growing colder.  I seem to notice the crows more this time of year and I’m always fascinated by their black feathers. How they strike an odd balance between looking a little desperate and striking a runway pose in their version of a little black dress.

I love how they swoop down, snatch up some greasy old french fry, and then fly high into the sky with it, as if they’ve just been gifted with gold.

In the spring, I finished a painting of a crow I saw in my backyard a few winters ago. It has been drying on my studio wall all summer. I titled it “Crow Song” because I think you have to be a little bit of an artist yourself, to hear the caw of the crow as a song.

Its unusual for me to paint such a clear image in my work. I guess its also kind of unusual that I love crows so much. Maybe you do too?

It might interest you to learn that crows are wicked smart… Check out Joshua Klein’s TED talk.


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