Without art the earth would be “eh”

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It all starts with making a mark

A few months ago, my brother sent me this graffiti image from somewhere around Baltimore. Although it is a popular meme, I didn’t have any luck googling to find out who the author of the phrase is.

Earth without art graffiti

I don’t think whoever said was doubting the natural beauty of earth.

When I read it, I think of all the humans who haveĀ reached out to create something about and beyond themselves. The earth without art, would be an earth without the unique expressions of humans. No paintings, no sculptures, no music, no gardens, no architecture, no dance, the list of lost beauty would be endless.

Even with all our struggles to treat each other fairly and our misunderstandings of how to respect our environment ourĀ earth would be “eh” without us.

We are the bringers of art. Something in us wants to be part of this world.

From our earliest moments here on earth we have been making marks. Where we go…art goes.

Michael Turtle cave hand photo

Photo above by Michael Turtle


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  • Dan Heffernan says:

    A world without art would be a terrible place. I am so pained when I hear about ISIS destroying art created by other cultures; it seems such a hateful act. It’s destroying the legacy of humanity. One of the things I love about Christianity, and I’m not trying to evangelize here, is that much of what we know about pagan culture is due to the efforts of the Christian monks who copied and preserved the writings of the pagans. It was an expansive and tolerant view and the right thing to do. Don’t know if you saw “The Monuments Men”, but it did make me feel proud that the Allies understood the value of art and did what they could to save it from being stolen by the Nazis. So hard to understand the vindictive actions of the Nazis when they knew they knew they were going to lose the war and started destroying the art that they couldn’t take with them. As in so many cases. G. K. Chesterton nailed it when he said: “Art is the signature of Man”. If I may be permitted an opinion, though we are part of this world, there is something in us that yearns for something that is beyond this world. Maybe this is not exactly the appropriate forum, but I am very proud of you and your talent. Keep on bringing beauty to this world.

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