How did you do that?

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Artist Paint Brushes

That is what people ask me when they see my art.

I never really quite know how to answer.

I can tell you about how I poured the paint on…or used tons of tiny brush strokes to blend the paint into what seems to be infinity. However, I can’t explain exactly how I follow the shapes and colors of the first brush strokes that stain my canvas. 

Canvas in its shipping box

Right now, I have a big cardboard box in my studio that holds two brilliant white pieces of canvas. I’m about to about break the seal with an old exacto blade and begin some new work. Unwrapping new canvas is a little bit like Christmas morning. So much packing tape and card board.

New work is a exciting. New work is daunting.

There is magic in using a simple brush to transform tubes of color into something altogether different.

I’m looking to discover that unique something that was just waiting inside the tubes ready to run free, like a beautiful beast leaving its tracks all across the canvas.

My job is to tame the beast just a little without losing its wildness.

I’ve been painting long enough to know that taming takes time…a lot of time. I’ve also been painting long enough to know, not every beast is a beauty.

I’ve had my share of monsters that have wasted good canvas with their muddy marks. I would gladly put them back in the tube and pretend they never happened.

Artist Paint Tubes

Unfortunately, the magic doesn’t work in reverse.

Like everything else in life it is only and always forward.

Every colorful brush stroke, triggers my intuition to follow it with the next and then the next.


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