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Paintings Rearranging Reality

Oil painting with brush

Great art has dreadful manners. The hushed reverence of the gallery can fool you into believing masterpieces are polite things, visions that soothe, charm and beguile, but actually they are thugs. Merciless and wily, the greatest paintings grab you in a headlock, rough up your composure and then proceed in short order to rearrange your sense of reality. – Simon Schama

I don’t usually think of my paintings as thugs!

I do have moments when I feel like the colors have me in a headlock. I’ll spend hours pushing and pulling between letting brilliant Cadmiums have their way with the canvas and fighting back to subdue it with a soothing Blue. I’m looking for the merciless sweet spot that will rearrange your sense of reality.

The above quote is from one of my favorite art books, The Power of Art.


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