The “Breathing Room” Series

By July 7, 2015 July 8th, 2015 Work in Progress
Art- blank canvas in art studio

Hope you are having the sweetest summer!

I can’t believe it was way back when the spring snow still covered the ground that I began work on a new group of paintings.
It was cold and I’d been away from art-making for far too long. My fingers felt too out of shape to tackle the intensity required to work on my larger canvases. To be honest, I was kind of freaked out by how weak my fingers had become. I guess I had always taken holding my brush for granted.
So, four 24″ x 24″ bright white canvases on my studio floor seemed so doable.
First brush strokes of the breathing room series

I had this vague idea that I wanted to do something soothing.

The winter had filled me with experiences of nuanced grays and cool white light. I was feeling cooped up staring out the window. I had an ache for space, and I imagined the canvases covered in light airy colors.
It doesn’t really matter what I imagine, because once I get to working, the colors seem to call to me… not the other way around.

In my mind, I started to think of the group of paintings as “The Breathing Room” series.

I’m still working on the paintings, but they already feel like you are looking out into some sort of color landscape. There are hints of a horizon, but not what you might find in a physical place.
You can’t put your feet down here, but something heavier like your soul might be able to walk in these colors.
Brush on Oil Painting

The colors which are coming through are rich and intense.

They feel like expansive atmospheres that you’d take a deep breath of if you could. “Breathing room” is even bigger than I’d imagined.
Colorful abstract painting

I’ll post more “in progress” snap shots of these paintings as I continue to work on them through the summer.

I’m hoping that before the leaves change, I’ll have fit fingers and four finished paintings to offer you!


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