Do you have a longing to be creative, but can’t seem to make progress?

It’s so easy to let your creativity lost in the day to day of a busy life. Or, worse buried under self-doubt. It can be difficult to find the time or confront the fears that are getting in the way of your creative work.

The Creative Cocoon is a journey designed to nurture you along the path of a creative life. It’s a chance to reconnect with yourself and express your unique vision.

We’ll use the tools of journaling, meditation, sketching and art making, along with select readings to help you find your inspiration.

Each week will be an exploration of a different facet of the creative process. We’ll search together with a sense of dedication and a spirit of fun.

During the class, you’ll complete a Creative Project of your own design, and leave “The Cocoon” with a map to help you continue your creative journey after the class has ended.


Abstract ethereal oil painting with swirling color and a white center circle, by Siobhan Bedford

I’m rethinking the Creative Cocoon as a longer program that will meet monthly. I’ll post details when things are worked out. If you have questions or thoughts please reach out to me.


When: Fall 2018 

Time: TBD

Where: TBD



This class is a great opportunity to deepen your engagement with any creative endeavor, including drawing, painting, sculpture, music, writing, photography, dance, etc.

*In order to provide a truly supportive environment, class size will be limited to seven students who are open and willing to delve into the mystery of creative work.


About : Siobhan Bedford

Siobhan is an abstract oil painter. Her work is inspired by emotional energy and the beauty in nature. She earned her BFA, Illustration and Painting from Marywood College, Scranton, PA and 200HR Yoga Teaching Certification with The Living Mandala School of Yoga, Phoenixville, PA.

“If you want your creative work to thrive you have to look deeply at the fears and obstacles getting in the way. Creativity needs to be nurtured in order to thrive. That is what the creative cocoon is…a chance to transform from longing to be creative to actually being creative.” -Siobhan 


Phoenixville artist, Siobhan Bedford
Siobhan Bedford Artist Studio

Details: What we’ll focus on each month.

Month One : Fear & Hope

You’ll discover what stops you from being creative… and moving past it.

Month Two : Space & Time

You’ll overcome two big obstacles to creative work.

Month Three : Experiments & Adventures

You’ll Explore and collect what inspires you.


Bring your creative idea into reality.

Month Five : Labor & Critique

Doing the work of “doing the work”, plus you’ll learn to judge in an empowering way.

Month Six : Breaking the Cocoon

The joy and pain of letting your work be received.

Month Seven : The Creative Cycle

Moving forward… Create a map to help you stay motivated in the face of the inevitable ups and downs of creative work.