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Siobhan Bedford working in art studio

I’ve been in what I like to think of as a cocoon.

It’s like when you were a kid, and you crawled into a blanket fort or found a secret place under pine branches. In that space, you became a daydreaming “maker of worlds.” The hours would slip away until you got hungry.

My cocoon is the studio. It’s small with white walls that wrap around my imagination. It’s where my hours slip away into paint. Right now, I’m focused on what I was initially calling the Colors of Fear paintings.

I started them back in July, with sweeping waves of almost pastel colors. As I’ve been working on them, ideas of “time” have been bubbling up in my brain.

Abstract art is interesting that way. It triggers the expanding of ideas.

Between brush strokes, I scribble random thoughts about time in a notebook I keep in my studio. Words like “time bomb”, “time traveler” and “timeless” keep appearing.

Have you ever considered how, when you get up close to fear, it becomes a vaporous thing? You feel lost in a cloud that swallows your sense of time. Fear warps time. It either races ahead with a pounding heart or slows until it paralyzes.

I’ve also been thinking about this idea of time being a linear thing. It’s comforting.

A single long line of one event after another, stretching from birth to death. Well… maybe that isn’t so comforting. It doesn’t have a very happy ending. The upside is, at least we know where we’re going.

I’ve been daydreaming about time, and thinking of it as swirling lines of memory. Instead of straight lines, I imagine curves overlapping into patterns that intersect at points of powerful emotion.

Like how a single kiss is both it’s own moment… and a current in the sea of a thousand kisses you swim in with the one you love.

Or how in sleep our dreams play with time, mixing memories into random recipes of past and present. They wake us in wonder and confusion. The unconscious is an endless “maker of worlds”.

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I may be rambling a bit.

Actually, I’m pretty sure I am.

Abstract painting is a strange way of understanding things like fear and time. If understanding is even possible.

Here are a ton of “work in progress” photos from one of the paintings I’m working on in this cocoon.

Only time will tell when it’s finished. Hope you enjoy.

Work in progress photo of oil painting
Abstract Art by Siobhan Bedford
Work in progress photo of oil painting
Work in progress photo of oil painting
Work in progress photo of oil painting
Abstract Art by Siobhan Bedford
Work in progress detail oil painting
Work in progress detail oil painting
Work in progress detail oil painting
Oil painting work in progress

“Time is an illusion.”

–Albert Einstein


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  • brian james says:

    The dream world is the first place, where at least inside our minds, we bend time and space into non-linear shapes. If we are lucky the dream world feeds out imaginations, makes it grow and gives us the ability to see all the other possibilities.

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