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By September 21, 2016 September 23rd, 2016 Art, BEYOND THE STUDIO DOOR

Beyond The Studio Door | Nightscape

What could be better than Longwood Gardens? Longwood Gardens at night!

A few weeks ago… I was sipping wine after sunset and meandering through the lush summer gardens at Longwood for their spectacular Nightscape.

Ethereal music fills the air as you are a pulled along with the crowd. Moving from one colorful light show to the next, all projected onto the shapes and shadows of the evening landscape.

It’s a bit like walking though a psychedelic painting.

A totally unique experience, that had me saying out loud “They should do this everywhere…people would be so much happier.” The guy walking in front me turned around with a big smile and laughed because he was thinking the same thing.

You still have a few more weeks to see it for yourself. The last night is October 29th and you need to get a ticket in advanced. All the details are here

Hope you get to go! You’ll love the colors!

Here are some colorful paintings you might like.

Detail of
Ethereal abstract painting with oceanic and aquatic style by artist Siobhan Bedford.

This post is for a series I’m calling Beyond The Studio Door.

I often come across inspiring words or visit places I would like to tell you about. In these posts I’ll do just that. They will be short quotes relating to art or links to things I think are illuminating.

I hope you do to!


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