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Snap Shots From a Swirly Painting

By September 30, 2015 Art, Being an artist, Work in Progress
Ethereal Painting Detail By Siobhan Bedford

I’ve been working on this swirly painting, for many months.

I wish I could show you snap shots from when I started it…but that was long before I had my fancy iPhone.

The first brush strokes were rings of color swirling down the center of the canvas. It also, had vine like lines sprouting leaf shapes.

That was many layers of paint ago but you can still see some of those leaf like shadows in the lower right of the painting.

Right now, it is reminds me of looking at the moon through deep still water or silent space.

It is a larger painting, 36″ x 60″, so it is a struggle to maneuver around my tiny studio.

It is worth it because I love working on bigger pieces. It gives me so much space to play with shapes and colors.

However, it does take a lot more time.

I can feel the stillness beginning to shift and I’ve already begun more layers of transforming swirls. Check out the snaps below. I’ll be sharing more of this work in progress as it changes.

I had this idea of light explorers running through my head while working on this piece in June. I’m still not sure what I’ll call this piece…what would you name it?

Detail of Painting by Siobhan Bedford
Detail of Painting by Siobhan Bedford

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